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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Chess Training...

Alright, I'm just gonna make this post a short one, yeah?
I don't have much time, so I'm just gonna breeze through about the Chess training that happened yesterday afternoon.

Okay, ELS yesterday was cancelled for some reason, so Ashman, Winnie, Hazwan, Hari, Sehran, Jaslyn and I took the time to practice our Chess skills.
Winnie actually brought a real chess clock to school!
Ashman, Sehran and Hari used the clock to train Jas about time management and time pressure.

After I played a few friendly rounds with Hazwan, Hazwan and I agreed to train Jaslyn about utilising the right opening system that suits her style of play, how and when to use tactical attacking weapons, and always analysing each and every move before making a decision...

I took managed to take two pictures ( I couldn't resist taking them! [ smiles ] ) on my handphone:
Well, I told you guys that this would be a short post, right?
So, yeah, I guess I'm gonna stop here.
This is it for now...

May the Force be with you...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 Hour MSN Chat!!!

Alright, I'm literally exhausted.
I just got back from the gym...
So, why not take this time to update my blog, right?

Ummm, let me see...
Yesterday, Ashman, Jas, Lynn and I engaged in one of the longest MSN conversations I've ever been through!
We started chatting at around 7pm, and the chat ended at around 12 midnight! That's 5 hours!!!

But most of the chat was smothered with Ashman's "spamming"...
You know, like unneccesary Winks, scribbles, nudges, endless lines of dots, et cetera...
Jas and I were annoyed like crazy, but we decided that we should just ride it out.
We told ourselves stuff like "Tolerance is key!" and "The poor guy is just bored, just ignore it..."
But in the end, we couldn't take it anymore, and we started threatening Ashman with all sorts of stuff, and he finally stopped spamming...

Anyway, we talked about all sorts of stuff during the chat. In fact, we talked about so much stuff that even I can't remember everything we chatted about! I can only remember something about Chess openings, computers, and complaints about Ashman's spamming. I completely forgot about the rest of the stuff in that chat...

Oh, and while I was chatting in that MSN conversation with Ashman, Jas and Lynn, I was ALSO on Facebook at the same time!
I had to chat with Sarah and Amirah, and reply to comments from Kamal and various other people as well.
But somehow, I managed to keep everything under control, although I may have been a bit late in replying in the MSN conversation...
Oh well...
To Ashman, Jas, Lynn, Sarah, Amirah and Kamal, thanks for keeping me company yesterday! Otherwise I would have been so bored!

Anyway, I chatted with Jannah via MSN Messenger today. And she wanted me to go to a website called Photobucket.
She actually wanted me to teach her how to create the Colour Splash effect on a photo. This means that the whole picture is grayed out except for a certain "element" in the picture that will retain its original colour.
Here's an example I created in Photobucket, using a picture I took on my handphone during Chinese New Year:
As you can see, the background around the tiger is grayed out, whereas the tiger itself is retaining its original colour.
So Jannah wanted to know how to create the effect, so I taught her, and now she knows how to do it perfectly!
Go to her blog to see the Colour Spash effect applied on her picture instead...

May the Force be with you...

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Alvyn's 12th Birthday!

Guess what day is it today?
It's the 26th of March, which means that it's my brother's birthday today! It's his 12th birthday, to be specific.

Well, it would be rude not to say:
Happy Birthday, Alvyn!

Anyway, I don't intend to make this post too long.
So I'm just gonna upload the pictures I took with my handphone and be done with it, yeah?
As the old saying goes: "A picture paints a thousand words..."

So, ummm, here they are:

Uhhh, he looks pretty... "happy", I think...

He just can't wait to eat his cake!

Uhhh... I've got no comment about this picture!

Well, yeah, I guess that's it for now.

May the Force be with you...

An Interesting Day, Filled With Risk and Chess!

Today was quite interesting...
Ashman, Hari, Sehran, Hazwan, Jaslyn and I planned to stay back at school today to meet with a chess coach that was coming to our school at 3.30pm.
School finished at 12.30pm, so Sehran and I followed Hari back to his house. We had to because we obviously wouldn't want to wait at the school for 3 whole hours, now would we?

So anyway, we walked to Hari's house.
After I played a short game of Chess with Sehran, we decided to play a game of Risk, because we still had roughly 2 hours left.
Hari, Sehran and I just finished setting up our troops, when all of a sudden, Ashman just barged into Hari's room! He wasn't even courteous enough to knock the door first!

So, we had to remove the original 3-player troop configuration, because Ashman wanted to play too.
Ashman handled the red pieces, I handled the yellow pieces ( as usual! ), Hari controlled the White pieces, and Sehran had the Blue pieces.
Just when we finished setting up the new 4-player configuration, Hazwan arrived.
Luckily we didn't have to waste time setting up the 5-player configuration, because Hazwan didn't want to play.

Hari went first, he controlled most of Central Asia. My turn was next, and I had complete domination of Europe. Sehran was third, and he had control over Northern America and South America. Ashman's turn was last, and he had forces in Australia and Eastern Asia.
So technically, it's like Sehran and I were dominating the Western territories, whereas Hari and Ashman were controlling the Eastern territories.

The gameplay commenced when Hari began attacking Ashman's foothold in Asia.
Sehran and I made a pact, where Sehran allowed me to take complete control over Europe, and I allowed Sehran to completely dominate South America, therefore granting both of us reinforcement bonuses.
On the other side of the world, Ashman and Hari were too preoccupied warring with each other.
After every battle, both Ashman's and Hari's forces were grievously weakened and their defenses were spread very thin.
Sehran and I decided to take advantage of the war between Hari and Ashman. We planned to gather our forces in Europe and Africa. After that, we would unleash a multi-prong attack on the warring Eastern territories. Their weak defenses would never stand a chance!

Sehran and I played rather passively, slowly gathering territory cards every turn and congregating our reinforcements, preparing for the final, decisive assault.
Sehran launched a campaign to take control of Africa in order to allow our main strategic objective to come into fruition. Africa was an important target, as it provided a springboard for Sehran to launch an attack into Southern Asia.
However, the conscripts in Congo, led by Ashman, put up tenacious resistance against Sehran's onslaught. And soon, Sehran was forced to retreat.

I, on the other hand, gradually built up my "Grand Army" in Europe. I received 8 troops per turn, and therefore I was able to field a massive army in Russia. It was pretty impressive, one of the largest armies I have ever fielded in Risk. The sight of my numerous forces congregating in Russia was extremely intimidating, especially to Ashman and Hari.
Apparently, at the sight of my massive army, Ashman and Hari agreed to be allies, working together to stop Western expansion into the Eastern territories.

But by the time Ashman and Hari formed the Eastern Alliance, it was too late. Sehran managed to seize control of Africa with a vengeance. With complete control of South America and Africa, Sehran was able to concentrate his armies on the main target - Asia.

Here's a picture of the world situation after Sehran's successful conquest of Africa:

Soon, my "Grand Army" in Russia swelled with almost 50 troops, including the bonus troops I received for trading in 3 of my territory cards.
Sehran and I decided that the time was ripe to unleash our assault on the Eastern territories.
Of course, Ashman and Sehran mustered what forces they had at their disposal and placed them at key chokepoints, which represent the passageways into Asia. If either Sehran or I could break through one of these key chokepoints, the other defenses would soon crumble and Asia would be ours for the taking.

The Great Battle began with my invasion of the Ural region.
Hari's troops initially put up some pretty stiff resistance. But in the end, my forces overwhelmed the defenders - All of Hari's soldiers in the Urals were brutally annihilated.
Since I managed to penetrate one of the passageways into Asia, it was inevitable that the rest of the Asian defensive lines, including Afghanistan and the Middle East, will soon crack, allowing Sehran entrance into Southern Asia.
My forces would lead the drive across Northern Asia, smashing into Ashman's troops at full force and wiping him off the map. Sehran, on the other hand, would be able to advance inexorably towards Australia, conquering Southern Asia in the process.

The game ended after my victory at the Ural region.
Hazwan decreed that Sehran and I were the winners, because according to him, our victory was inevitable.
Well, overall, it was a good game - we had a great time and loads of laughs...
Too bad Hazwan wasn't playing... He would have made the game REALLY interesting! [ smiles ]

Anyway, after that game of Risk, we began our walk back to school.
We met Jas along the way...
Apparently, the Under-15 Chess qualification competition was being held in the library, so we figured that the Chess coach would be in there as well.
When we entered the library, the U-15 competition was still going on. And I guess the coach was the arbiter, I think, I'm not sure myself...

The hours passed by quite quickly...
We observed the U-15 players games. Then, I played a few rounds of Chess with Ashman.
Later, I helped Hazwan teach Jaslyn about the basic principles of the Endgame. When the competition ended and the library was almost empty, I agreed to teach Jas basic midgame principles, as well as various tactical weapons.

Well, I think today could be classified as an "interesting day", right?

Anyway, I'm supposed to go for PBSM tomorrow.
But during Bahasa Melayu class, Winnie came and announced that, due to the fact that the MSSD chess competition is around the corner, there's going to be a Chess training session tomorrow from 8 to 10am, which is exactly the same time as PBSM!
That means I won't have to go for PBSM after all! Yay!

May the Force be with you...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

MSSD Chess Qualification Competition!

Well, I went for the Chess Qualification Competition at school just now.
And guess what? I made the team!
The Under-18 boys team consists of 4 people: me, Ashman, Hazwan and Hari.
Poor Sehran... He really wanted to be on the team this year... I feel very sorry for him...

Anyway, we had to play 5 rounds, following the standard procedures of a Swiss System tournament ( Don't know what Swiss System is? Go and check yourself! ). The arbiters were none other than Winnie and Amirah, the two sole players in the Under-18 girls team!

My first round of the day was with a guy named Nabil. He represented the school before and was quite a tough adversary.
I was White, and I played 1. e4. He responded with the move 1. ...d6, which struck me as odd because 1. ...d6 isn't a very good way to start the game in any circumstance.
Anyway, after a fairly tense mid-game, I managed to pin his queen to his king. He got checkmated a few moments later...

In the second round, I had to play a game with Hazwan.
This time, I was Black and he was White. If I recall correctly, he opened with 1. e4, and I responded with 1. ...e5. Then, we played along the lines of the Petrov Defense with 2. Nf3 Nf6.
After a very long and tiring mid-game, we both agreed on a draw because it was difficult for both of us to exploit each other's weaknesses.
However, after the game, Hazwan commented that I was in a slightly better position than him, and had I calculated more deeply, I could have gained a valuable initiative in the end. But oh well...
For your information, my game with Hazwan represented the most exhausting game I played during the whole qualification competition. But I guess that's no surprise, really - Hazwan and I tend to draw our games a lot whenever we're playing against each other.

My third round was with Hari, the person who actually announced that he officially "quit" professional Chess! And yet there he was, at the qualification competition! Apparently, he changed his mind at the last minute! Typical Hari...
Anyway, I was White and I opened the game with 1 e4. He countered symmetrically with 1. ...e5.
Then I played 2. Nf3. Then he made the move 2. ...d6, the Philidor Defense. Finally, someone actually played the Philidor Defense against me after such a long time!
I instinctively responded with my favourite variation against the Philidor, which is 3. d4.
After an interesting open mid-game, I castled Kingside and opened the f-file for my rook to use.
In the end, my queen and rook combination managed to hit the weak spot f7. I checkmated Hari soon after that...

And now on to my fourth round. I got a shock when I found out that I had to play against Ashman himself!
I was Black and he was White. He started the game with 1. c4, the English Opening. I countered with 1. ...c6, the Caro-Kann Defense. I was hoping to drive the game along the lines of the Slav Defense Transposed with the moves 2. d4 d5. But instead, he played a different variant which I wasn't familiar with.
And during the mid-game, I lost my Knight for a pawn.
I tried not to panic and get caught in what we Chess players call a "downward spiral". I tried not to lose my focus and kept on telling myself that I could gain counterplay if I just kept a clear head and not dwell about the fact that I blundered my Knight.
So, I took advantage of my doubled pawns by creating a powerful central pawn chain, denying Ashman's rook and knight any access into my side of the board. I gained more counterplay when I managed to create an outside passed pawn on the a-file.
Soon, Ashman offered a draw and I accepted - I did not want to risk making any blunders in my counterattack for that would cost me a game. Half a point is better than none at all, after all...

Well, since I won myself 3 points out of 4, I managed to confirm a place in the School Chess Team. Ashman secured a place too, with 3 1/2 points out of 4.
Later, Hazwan made it into the team as well. And after that, Hari and Sehran had to play a tie-breaker match, which was won by Hari.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Jannah, Jaslyn and Sarah were at the competition as well...
I took a lot of pictures at the competition with my handphone. Well, Jannah took most of them, actually... I only took a few pictures myself.
Well, here they are...
My game with Hazwan. The tension was unbearable!

Jannah, Jaslyn and Sarah!

It's Kamal!

Jaslyn - Professional Chess player in the making!

It's Sarah! And she's playing Chess! Woot!

Sarah and Jaslyn!

I think this was just after I drew the game with Hazwan. You might not notice it, but I was super relieved at this point!

Imagine, having a profesionnal Chess player as a big brother...

I just took this picture for fun! [ smiles ]

Ashman trying to "teach" Sarah and Jaslyn the principles of pawn structure.

At least I managed to make the team.
I can't wait to represent school at the real MSSD Chess Competition!

Well, I guess that's pretty much it for now.
May the Force be with you...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

190th post!

Okay, I haven't been blogging for quite a while...
So I'm just going to quickly go through everything that's happened these past few days.

Uhhh, let me see...
Well, after I finished producing "Andrew vs Alvyn 2", I found a picture of Kent and Ashman on Facebook.
Apparently, they were playing some sort of "indoor tennis"...
So, I figured that I might as well rotoscope the picture! I mean, I don't see why not?
Plus, it was a great opportunity for me to tweak and experiment with the colour of my first ever green lightsaber blade!
Well, here it is!So what do you think of the colour of the lightsaber Ashman's holding?
Awesome, right? [ smiles ]

Besides that, I went for drama auditions this morning.
I had to pair up with some unknown Chinese guy and recite some lines in front of Iman and Pn. Ezareen.
I'm not particularly sure how well I did.
But even if I don't get any "major parts", I'd still want to contribute to the school drama, even if it's just a "minor role"...
Ahhh, I can still remember the time when I had to dress up as a ghost, prancing around the stage along with Lee King, Sehran and Taufeeq... Those were the good times...

Ummm, what else?
Oh yeah, the MSSD Chess competition is going to be held in April.
There's going to be a qualification competition tomorrow at 2.30pm to determine who is going to represent the school.
I'm not sure if I'm going to qualify, because my chess skills are getting quite rusty nowadays...
And in the event that I don't manage to make the chess team, I wouldn't mind that much anyway. I've already experienced how it was like to represent school in Chess during Form 2, so it won't be that big of a deal...
But I'm still going to play as well as I can and hope for the best!

Oh, and uh, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT alert!

Ashman actually started his own blog account! Unbelievable, right?
All this while, he was just the "read and rarely comment" guy, but now...[ stares in disbelief ]
You can go and check out his blog if you want ( As of now, it has no title yet... ).
It's located in my long list of blog links...

And finally, with this post, I now have 190 posts on Blogger!
Yes! Just a bit more, and I'll hit my 200th post!

Well, that's it for now.

May the Force be with you...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Andrew vs Alvyn 2

Okay, "Andrew vs Alvyn 2" is now successfully on Youtube!
I had to upload the video in WMV format. The AVI format was way too big, 762MB to be specific!

So I had no choice but to compress the video from 762MB to 75.1MB.
But don't worry, the quality of the video is still quite okay...

So anyway, here's the video:

So how was it?
Don't forget to leave a comment, yeah?
And always remember, do not be afraid of providing me with some "constructive criticism"!

Oh, note that I've added the track "Gloriana" by Corner Stone Cues at around 2:07.
"Gloriana" is actually the song used in the first "Andrew vs Alvyn".
I added it because I believe that this sequel should have some sort of common element that was incorporated into the first video.
I think it gives that kind of nostalgic feel to the sequel...
Oh well, that's just my opinion as an editor...

Okay, if you want to go and watch "Andrew vs Alvyn 2" in YouTube ( please do! ), you can go to this link:
Andrew vs Alvyn 2 - Lightsaber Duel

And for your convenience, I've placed a link to "Andrew vs Alvyn 2" in my "Jump To Lightspeed" link list...

Well, I gotta go post the video on Facebook!

May the Force be with you...

Done Producing "Andrew vs Alvyn 2"!

Hey guys, I'm back!
And guess what?
I've finally finished rotoscoping and editing "Andrew vs Alvyn 2"!

And it took me roughly around 5 days to complete this video, excluding those days where I was busy with homework and stuff like that...
But I've got to admit, the post-production process ( adding sound and music ) was quite tough for this video. It took me nearly a whole day just to apply the sound effects!

The video is around three and a half minutes long.
My last lightsaber video, "Andrew vs Jannah & Sehran", was only 2 minutes long.
Whereas my very first lightsaber video, "Andrew vs Alvyn", was a mere one and a half minutes long.
So "Andrew vs Alvyn 2" represents the longest lightsaber video I've ever created!

Anyway, I'm going to upload the video on YouTube immediately after I finish this post.
When it's done, I'll take the embedded version of the video from YouTube and post it here.
The reason why I'm doing this is because I think the video uploading system for Blogger is crappy and unreliable.

As we all know, it will take quite a while for the video to upload on YouTube.
So, I took a few snapshots of the video as a sneak peek for you guys!
Here they are, Well, since we both wanted this video to be "epic", Alvyn and I decided that we should both wear full black attire...

Well, I better go upload the video on Youtube now.
Standby for the video, everyone!

May the Force be with you...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Homework, homework, homework...

Okay, I have been very, very, very busy this past few days...
Remember in my last post, I only had 3 homeworks to complete?
Well, that number increased dramatically in a blink of an eye!

I completed my Maths and Add Maths homework, but the teachers provided more homework the very next day!
By Friday, I had homework from 4 new subjects ( Bahasa Melayu, Pendidkan Moral, Chemistry, English )!

To make matters worse, I had to participate in my school's "Road Run" championship on Friday. From the school, I had to run a 7km track around the Bukit Jelutong area.
It was unbelievably exhausting!

Oh, and speaking of the "Road Run", Ashman, Sehran, Hari, and I organised a little "competition" among the four of us.
We wanted to find out who was better at long-distance running.
I won the competition, of course. I reached the school first. The positions are like so:
1. Andrew
2. Sehran
3. Hari
4. Ashman

Anyway, when I got home, I was very weak and tired.
I was in no mood to complete my homework. But regardless, I gritted my teeth and got to work immediately after I had my shower.
I managed to complete my Bahasa Melayu and Chemistry homework on Friday and my English and most of my Moral homework on Saturday.

Now, the only thing I have left to do is the "Tugasan Harian" essay for Moral.
It has to be about "Amalan Amanah Dalam Kehidupan Remaja".
After that, I'll be finally done with all my homework, and I'll be free for the rest of the March holidays!

Anyway, the Kerja Amal for Moral required me to do something based on the 12 moral values of self-improvement.
I decided to help my brother with his Bahasa Melayu homework.
By doing so, I would be rolling 3 moral values into 1 Kerja Amal - "Amanah", "Tanggungjawab" and "Kasih Sayang".

I also had to take pictures as evidence...
At least I'm done with the Kerja Amal for Moral.
Now, all I have to do is write an essay about "Amalan Amanah Dalam Kehidupan Remaja", and I'll finally be able to start working on "Andrew vs Alvyn" again.

Well, I better not waste any time!

May the Force be with you...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Peribahasa" Cartoons!

Hmmm, I haven't been blogging for quite some time.
Sorry, yeah?
I got too hung up on all the work I have to do...

Here's my workload ( latest ):
1. Pendidikan Moral - "Kerja amal", one and a half page long essay.
2. Mathematics - Lots of exercises.
3. Add Maths - Tonnes of exercises!

I've just completed my Bahasa Melayu assignment.
Pn Salasiah wanted me to draw "peribahasa" in the form of cartoons.
She picked me because someone tipped her off that I was good at drawing...

Anyway, I spent my whole afternoon sketching and colouring the pictures.
Here they are:
Well, at least I finished the Bahasa Melayu assignment.
Now all I have to do is just sit at the table and finish off the Maths and Add Maths homework once and for all!
As for Pendidikan Moral, I have to do it with one of my family members. So I guess I'll have to do it during the upcoming school holidays...
[ sigh ] It'll all be over soon...

Oh, and remember the sequel for "Andrew vs Alvyn"?
Well, we successfully filmed the video files last Saturday.
Everything went okay - The choreography was efficient and the weather was fine.
But the camera could have done with a little less shaking...
But nonetheless, my mum did exceptionally well handling the camera. Thanks, mum!

As for the lightsaber graphics, I've rotoscoped 10 out of the 26 video files.
Kinda slow, in my opinion, due to the fact that we filmed last Saturday and nearly a week has past.
But that's because I've been very busy with my schoolwork since Monday. So I never had time to work on the video because I had to finish my homework first.
[ sigh ]

Well, the March school holiday starts this Saturday.
So hopefully, I'll manage to finish off all of my homework before Saturday.
Then, I'll be free to happily work on my video!

Kay, that's it for now.

May the Force be with you...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A sequel to "Andrew vs Alvyn"?

Uhhh, okay, I'm bored...
I've finished all my homework...
There are no computer games to play...
There are no television shows to watch...
I'm literally bored......

So, my mum suggested for me to make a "sequel" for my first lightsaber video, Andrew vs Alvyn.
It would be called: "Andrew vs Alvyn 2"! ( duh! )
Well, since I've got nothing else better to do during the weekend, I guess this new lightsaber project would be worth spending time on...

My mum and I both decided that the new location should be at the "Swan Lake" ( Setia Eco-Park's version of the common park... ).
The time should be in the evening, so it wouldn't be too bright or too dark...
Plus, the partially dark setting during the evening would emphasise the lightsaber glows to great effect.

Oh, and here's a note: See the picture of Alvyn that I posted above? Note that he's holding a blue lightsaber.
From now on, in any lightsaber video, I would be holding a red lightsaber, not blue as in the fist Andrew vs Alvyn video...
Don't ask why, kay?

Hopefully, this new lightsaber video would be an improvement over the previous "Andrew vs Alvyn".
And when I mean "improvement", I mean it in terms of choreography and lightsaber effects.
But I think my brother and I will be able to learn from our past mistakes and add more intensity and action into this sequel.

We're planning to start filming the video this evening, so that I can start rotoscoping the video as soon as possible...

May the Force be with you...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Political" Tension...

Today was the first meeting for the Indoor Games co-curricular activity for the year 2010.
I had to stay back at school until 4.30pm.

At around 2.30pm, all the students had to gather at the open hall.
Honestly, it was sweltering hot there!
And the worst part is that there's a huge field of sand and dust just adjacent to the Open Hall for some reason. And when people walked across it, they kicked up a huge amount of sand and dust, causing a "devastating" sandstorm which engulfed the Open Hall!

Anyway, we had to elect the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members for the Indoor Games Club.
I wasn't paying much attention, however. I only know that the President is Kim Yen, the Vice President is a Form 5 student, the Secretary is Winnie, and the Treasurer is Jannah.

I don't know the people who successfully got elected as the Committee Members.
But after the elections were over, a lot of "political" tension began to erupt between the guys ( Ashman, Hazwan and Hari ) and the girls ( Lynn, Jannah, Evo and Jas ).
Apparently, something went awry during the election of the Committee Members. But I didn't know what went wrong, because I was quite tired and drowsy due to the hot weather, and therefore I wasn't aware at the time...

A fight erupted between the guys and the girls.
The climax of the fight was when Ashman unexpectedly hit Jas on the forearm until there was a visible red gash on her forearm.
Being a "peaceful" person, I stayed away and tried not to get involved. But by doing so, Hazwan accused me of being sympathetic towards the opposition and called me a traitor! [ stares wide eyed ]
Politics these days...[ sigh ]

I managed to take a picture from the sidelines:
After that, Hari and Ashman showed off their "true colours"! And when I say "true colours", I don't mean it in a good way!
Hari and Ashman "bullied" Hazwan and I!
They did stuff like tugging out our neatly tucked-in shirts!
Here's an example:

The victim...
It was a really tiring and exhausting day, coupled with the fact that the weather was blazing hot!
I was so glad when I got home...
Thank God I don't have any homework today! Phew!

Well, I think I better go and take a rest now.
Tomorrow's the SMKBJ "Road Run" exercise, and I'm gonna need my strength for tomorrow's run.

May the Force be with you...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Of ELS, Drama for BM, and Plasma Membranes...

Okay, a lot of stuff has happened since I last updated.
So I'm just gonna get straight to the point, alright?

Ummm, let me see, the first meeting for the English Language Society was yesterday.
And guess what?
I became the Secretary!
Well, one of the secretaries actually - There are two of us: Me and a Form 5 girl named Liyana...
Well, at least I have a rank! Haha!

The President is a guy called Aqil, and the Vice President is non other than Hazwan himself! No surprise, actually...
The two treasurers are Losh and Tian Hui.
Ashman, Sarah and Sehran became Committee members. The only person in my group of friends who didn't get a rank is Hari.
Poor Hari! It's okay, you're already a prefect anyway!

Anyway, the "Directorial Board" ( Involving the President, Vice President, Secretaries and Treasurers ) had to stay back until 5pm to have a Committee meeting.
During the Committee meeting, we planned the activities for the ELS and selected the committee members.
I can still remember when Aqil suggested handing out flyers and posters depicting a portrait of himself and below him would be wordings that read "ELS WANTS YOU!"!
The very thought of it was hilarious!

Today, at school, we had to play out the drama for Bahasa Melayu.
Remember the drama I talked about in one of my previous posts ( 25th February: A Hectic Week )?
It's the drama "Gelanggang Tuk Wali", and FYI, my team represents the largest amount of actors in one drama in my class ( Starring Sehran, me, Hazwan, Jannah, Evo, Syazween, Iman, Nani, Diyanti, Arif, Aleef, Iqbal, Tian Hui, Jia Huey and Alison. )

Well, we acted it out today, and it turned out quite okay!
However, there are a few parts that need improving...
But oh well, we did our best, and the important thing is that the audience liked it!

Credits to Sehran and Hazwan for suggesting to put music into the drama - The addition of music made the drama significantly more interesting.
The songs we used were:
1. "Boom Boom Pow" by The Black Eyed Peas = Played when Iqbal was doing his "shuffle" scene. 2. "Bodyguards and Assassins - Main Theme" = One of the most melancholic and sad songs I've ever heard, and used to great effect during Sehran's death scene.
3. Various P. Ramlee songs = Used throughout the drama to reflect the classical setting of the drama.

Overall, it was a great experience and it was loads of fun!
I want to congratulate my team for their cooperation, teamwork, and a job well done!
Good work guys!

Oh, and I've just completed all my homework! Phew!
That huge mountain of homework that had been piling up ever since last week is finally taken care of!
Take that, "homework"!!!
The hardest assignment of 'em all was the one where I was required to draw a fluid-mosaic model of the plasma membrane for my Biology presentation folio.

It was quite difficult trying to draw it, because there are like SO many hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails in a plasma membrane!
Just take a look at the amount of spheres I had to draw!
Fortunately, I managed to finish drawing it just in time for dinner! [ smiles ]

Well, that's all for now.

May the Force be with you...