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Sunday, February 15, 2009


I LOVE Chess! Don't you?

I know some people consider the game of Chess to be a game for nerds...
...that it's such a boring game, yada, yada, yada...

But it's actually much more than that...

It's a fun game that tests your mentality and skill...
And I've just improvised my Chess opening.

Previously, I utilised the "French Defense" opening, a classical defensive opening that involved the King's pawn moving up two spaces.

Now, I like to use the "Nimzo Indian" opening, a flanking movement that allows development of pieces on the queenside.

I learned this opening from Ashman Raziuddin, one of my classmates. Thanks, Ashman, you're the greatest!

Sadly, I didn't get to enter the Chess Competition this year. I was SO looking forward to it! [ cries ]

Oh well, I'll try again next year [ emo ]...

And the worst part is that the school team get medals and participation certificates this time! No fair! When my team went for the competition last year, we only got RM10! What the h***!

This year's team is gonna receive their awards tomorrow on the assembly stage. I don't know where I'm going to hide my face in shame...[ sighs ]

My reputation as the greatest Chess player in 3 Omega is ruined! RUINED, I TELL YOU!!!

It all started when I just came to SMKBJ in Form 2.
I was unbeatable! I was all powerful! I was INVINCIBLE! And then...

I played with this guy called Haritharan...
At first, I was able to beat him easily...
But then, he effing COPIED me!

He used my "French Defense" opening against me, the useless git!

This year, I plan to rebuild my reputation as the strongest Chess player in class. I will soon revive my Golden Age...[ evil grin ]

Oh yeah, some of my friends in 3 Omega came up with some crazy variations such as:
1. The "Kar Wai" variation by Shin Kar Wai.
2. The "Orang Utan" variation by Hazwan Lee.
If you want to find out how these variations are played out, go ask them!

Well that's it.
Keep me posted, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Monday, February 9, 2009


Our English teacher gave my class an assignment last week. We have to produce a ''drama'' based on the Form 3 novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Well, I hastily joined Hazwan's team. Hazwan's the best movie director in 3 Omega I know.
He proved himself last year with Miss Nadia's assignment...

The ''drama'' we made in Form 2 could have been stunning, but poor camera position, horrible editing and sheer timidity prevented our ''drama'' from being a smash hit...

For this ''drama'', I have been annointed the position of editor. I was delighted! At last, a chance to prove myself! FINALLY, I thought, REDEMPTION! This time, I'm gonna make sure my team's ''drama'' makes it to the top!

For your information, my team's name is ''Force 138''!
The name is modified from ''Force 136'', a British Force during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya ( Refer to Form 3 Sejarah textbook! )

Pathetic, no? Just add a 2 and et voila! You'll get ''Force 138''!

Here are all the people that are going to PRODUCE the movie. I'm not saying anything about the actors!

1. Hazwan Lee - He's the director.
2. Ng Zi Kent - He's our camera man.
3. Myself - I'm the editor, and hopefully the choreographer as well.
4. Alvyn Ho - He's the assistant editor and film critic. Don't worry, he's only 11 years old...

My team has been assigned to play out Chapters 9 and 10. These two chapters turn out to be the climax of the story...My work just got a whole lot easier!

Hopefully, this ''drama'' will be much better than our previous attempt last year. I've already completed the introduction and opening title. We're gonna start filming next Thursday. I guess it's safe to say that we're WAY ahead of schedule...

Well, other than that, there's nothing much I want to say.
I guess that's it...

Keep me posted, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


School was so boring today! It couldn't get any worse!

I mean, I've already done all my homework! Unlike some people...

So I resorted to browsing around the classroom, eavesdropping on other people's conversations [ evil grin ].

Example : "Give me the three Baltic States." asks Yi Ling, my fellow classmate.

Lee King shrugs and says he has no clue. Typical of him, always so blur...

Well, if I'm not mistaken, they're:
1. Estonia
2. Latvia
3. Lithuania

And by the way, I SWEAR I didn't look at any references. Anyway, it's just general knowledge! Everyone should know these things!

There you go, I've answered your question, Yi Ling! ( It's not like you care, anyway! )

And then [ slurs in a bored tone ], I asked them how big Russia is. Sorry guys, I was mistaken!

If I'm not mistaken, I said 7-8 million square kilometres, right?
Correction: To be precise, it's 17,075,400 square kilometres. ( This one is based on reference. Hey! I can't remember EVERYTHING! )

Oh, by the way, Russia ( It used to be known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR ) is my favourite country, most probably because of it's military hardware, I guess...

Ya' gotta' love that symbol! IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!!! ( Yeah, I know I'm crazy. You don't have to tell me! )

KH, wasn't that bad, I guess...

Sejarah was HORRIBLE! The teacher was so boring and I was so drowsy. I was literally half-asleep! Amazingly, I managed to stay awake. I was considering of letting go of my conciousness and fall asleep in class. I REALLY need to get more sleep!

Luckily, I didn't have to do any marching during the PBSM meeting after school. Phew!

Sadly, I didn't get to represent my school in the upcoming chess competition [ sobs ]...
Oh well, I went last year anyway...

For those of you who are going, TRY YOUR HARDEST AND THE BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!
[ smiles sarcastically ]...

And, by the way, just because I'm a guy, it doesn't mean I can't use facial creams, Zi Kent. That's right, Kent! I'm pointing at you, you useless idiot! ( Sorry, Kent...Please don't hurt me!!! )

Well, that's it...
Keep me posted, kay?

May the Force be with you...