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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Career Planning Seminar at TAR College, Setapak, KL

Right, here I am once again...
I hope you guys don't mind the "Assassin's Creed 2" picture on your left! Yes, I know I'm deviating from my ummm, tradition of only using Star Wars pictures for each of my posts.
But hey, shouldn't I have the freedom to post whatever I want?!
Hence, I won't be using Star Wars pictures all the time, yeah? I'm gonna be using various types of pictures from now on, just to keep my options flexible...

Anyway, moving on to more important things...
This morning, several Form 5 classes, including my class, went for a seminar about "Career Planning" at Tunku Abdul Rahman ( TAR ) College, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

Well, to be absolutely frank, I'm quite lazy to blog about EVERY single detail!
So, I'll just keep it short and sweet, alright? No long descriptive essays. I promise!

Right, let's get started...
There were three buses. My class boarded one, but since there was extra space, we had to share the bus with another class.
Uhhh, along the way, there were traffic jams occurring around two tolls: The first one is right after the Bukit Jelutong toll. And as for the second jam, well, I don't really know what that place is called!
Here are some pictures I took while on the bus, using my trusted 3.2 MP handphone...

Right, after what seemed like an endless journey, we finally arrived at the TAR College campus.
A lady took us on a tour around the TAR College campus, showing us many of the important facilities, such as the swimming pool, library, gymnasium, dormitories, et cetera...
Again, more pictures:

After the tour, we headed to a hall, where the "Career Planning" seminar commenced. We were given a talk on how to choose careers that best suited our own respective personalities. It was rather interesting...
Then, representatives from the different "schools", such as the School of Business Studies and the School of Social Science and Humanities, to name a few, each gave presentations regarding their respective Schools of Studies...

After that, we were provided with "refreshments", in other words food and drink, of course!

After a final group picture, we boarded the buses once again, and before we knew it, we were heading back to Bukit Jelutong.
Some pictures during the bus ride back to school:
Well, that's all I've got about the trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman ( TAR ) College.
And, of course, I kept my word! No long, boring essays in sight! Haha! [ smiles ]

May the Force be with you...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Another" New Profile Picture!

Well, for me, it's been one heck of a tiring weekend!
Seriously, it was exhausting! The "Kem Kepimpinan Exco 2011" at the Dusun Eco-Resort, Bentong, Pahang was really tiring! But it was fun, and I got a lot of sweet and memorable experiences that I will never forget...
To all my friends who accompanied me during the Exco Camp last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, thank you guys so much! It was by far the best camp I've ever been through! [ smiles ]

Maybe when I am free next time, I will try and blog about the Exco Camp. But right now, I kinda have my hands full. So, stay tuned, yeah?

Anyway, while I was at the Camp, my father and brother bought a new family camera.
I was personally impressed, because it was 16.1MP camera, and was capable of taking 720p HD videos!!!

I took the opportunity to make a new profile picture...
Yeah, be skeptical if you want! But honestly, I swear, my arms are REAL! Obviously the result of hours at the gym, or possibly genetics ( or both! )
But I assure you, they're not fake! Come and see me personally if you still don't believe me! Haha!
PS: I am NOT showing off or whatever! I'm still as humble and modest as I'll ever be! [ smiles ]

Anyway, besides the awesome resolution, I made some new adjustments to my lightsaber blade.
1. I've increased the glow radius, to cope with the higher resolution.
2. I adjusted the red colour of the blade ( just a bit of tinkering ever since my last colour template )
3. I added a small lens flare at the starting point of the blade, near the hilt.

Well, that's it for now.

May the Force be with you...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year Pictures 2011!

Well, now that I'm back home from the Chinese New Year celebrations with the rest of my family, I guess I'll have to blog about it, right?
But I'm a little pressed for time at the moment, so I'll just let the pictures that I took do most of the talking, yeah? [ smiles ]
Don't worry, I'll add my annotations for the pictures...

Alright, first stop, Batu Pahat, Johor.
1. CNY Reunion Dinner!

Shark's fin soup...

Mmmm... I can't deny that shark's fin soup tastes REAL good!

This is actually my second bowl of soup, if I'm not mistaken...

Of course, you can't celebrate CNY without fish!

My brother's bowl of shark's fin soup! Haha! ( He's the one holding the spoon up )

Ummm, it's quite hard to explain this one, because there's all sorts of food in this one particular dish...

Prawns galore!!!

So many meat dumplings... Honestly, we couldn't finish all of them!
2. Fireworks!
Unbelievably LOUD!!! I am NOT exaggerating!

Hee! "Sprinkler", or "sparkler", or whatever...

The head in the bottom right corner is Alvyn's head.

The face says it all: "I'm bored!"

Aunty Mei Teen, together with "You-Know-Who"!

3. Last Day at Batu Pahat:
RAWR! I demand a can of 100 PLUS!

Dear cousin Samantha!

And now, on to Malacca!
1. Well, I only took one picture on the first day of our stay at Malacca. It's a picture of my brother and my cousin playing a good game of Chess!
Here it is!
"Clash Of The Titans"! Haha!

2. Second Day at Malacca...
My father, mother and I went to the Equatorial Hotel at Malacca Town to meet up with my mum's friend from China. My brother didn't want to come, because he was busy engaging in an "epic" Chess battle with my uncle! [ smiles ]
Anyway, let's get on with the pictures, shall we?

Chicken Rice Balls! ( FYI: This represents my first time eating Chicken Rice Balls! )

3. While my mum was "catching up" with her friend from China, my dad and I went to "explore" the surrounding area, namely Dataran Pahlawan, the newly opened Hattan Square, and Mahkota Parade...

a) LION DANCE PICTURES ( Bleh, I'm lazy to annotate these! Heehee! ):

b) "Explored areas":
Guess who?

Behold... Mahkota Parade...

It's a field, located on the premises of Dataran Pahlawan Malacca Megamall, in case you were wondering...

Well, that's Dataran Pahlawan, and the building next to it is the Equatorial Hotel...

4. Just before heading back home...
We went to eat at a "buffet" dinner, courtesy of a friend of my grandparents...
There were both Chinese and Malaysian cuisine available. And when I was done eating, boy, I was stuffed!

Tonnes of mouth-watering food! [ salivates ]

The "bee hoon" was really good! Seriously!

Does this picture make you hungry? Haha!

The Malay food section! Satay, curry-puffs, etc... You name it!

Well, after the "buffet" dinner at Malacca, we said our farewells, and before we knew it, we were on our way back home.
We arrived back at Setia Eco-Park late last night... I was obviously too tired to update my blog yesterday, so I decided to update it today! ( Duh! )

Well, there you have it...

Oh, and remember the long list of homework that I showed you guys in my previous post?
I actually managed to finish everything!
I tell you, the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction is indescribable!!! Haha!

So, I guess that's it.

May the Force be with you...