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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

Yes, I know, you don't have to tell me...
I am aware that I am not blogging as frequently as I used to!
But I DO have my reasons, you know!

Anyway, if you realise, I've been deviating from my "tradition" of inserting a Star Wars picture for each of my posts. If you just roll your eyes over to the left, you'll see a picture of the Prince of Persia, from the game series "Prince Of Persia" ( duh!!! ).
Yup, I'm currently hooked to the game ( particularly Warrior Within, which is the second installment ), mostly because of the combat system.
Personally, I think it's an awesome action/"platformer" game, but it CAN get a tad difficult at some points...

Well, it's the start of the CNY school holidays, and because of that, the teacher's have graciously supplied us with mounds of homework! I think I have homework for EVERY single subject! Let me try and list down the homework that I have to complete by the end of the Chinese New Year holidays:
1. Bahasa Melayu - Essay about "Ciri-ciri Anak Cemerlang".
2. English - Essay about "My Biggest Challenge In My Life" + Find 30 idioms, their meanings, and examples.
3. Modern Mathematics - Graphs Of Functions II
4. Pendidikan Moral - 3 or 4 "Tugasan Harian" essays ( I've already completed 3, and I'm gonna move on to the 4th one soon... ).
5. Physics - Draw two sets of continuous coherent water waves ( so that teacher can highlight the points of constructive and destructive wave interference/nodes and antinodes... ).
6. Biology - Several essays regarding Chapter 1: Transport.
7. Chemistry - Pg 14 to 23 ( Chemistry Module F5 ) + Complete Experiment 1 in "Student's Manual" + Chemistry CNY assignment, downloaded from "SMKBJ's Chemistry website".
8. Additional Mathematics - Chapter 1: Progressions.
9. Sejarah - Read about "Penentangan Penduduk Tempatan di Perak Terhadap British" and prepare for presentation regarding the same sub-topic.
10. Miscellanous - Homework from Add Maths Tuition and Mandarin Language Class.

Of course, I managed to shoot down most of the EASY tasks first ( eg Modern Mathematics... ).
I plan to finish off the rest of them very soon, hopefully before I go back to Johor and Malacca to celebrate Chinese New Year! Wish me luck!!!

Hmmm, besides that, I was trying to improve my keyboard typing speed just now. My father taught me a technique and I was told to practice in Microsoft Works Word Processor.
As I was practising my technique, I suddenly felt a strong urge to write a one-page mini-story...
Haha! I couldn't help myself! I LOVE writing stories!

I typed out the first sentence:
"…As the hazy, dappled sunlight streamed through the thick jungle canopy, Alvyn sighed with utter admiration."

After typing that first sentence, I wanted to continue the story. I didn't really care about how the story actually BEGAN... I just wanted to describe "Alvyn's trek through the forest" as creatively as I could! [ smiles ]

Here's the rest of it:
Nature had its ways of showcasing true beauty, and at its best, it can be truly awe-inspiring. He continued his trek through the forest, amidst the melodious tune of chirping birds and various other rainforest inhabitants. Unbeknownst to him, a strange shadowy figure was stealthily watching him from the tree-tops.

Suddenly, Alvyn swung around, tightening his grasp on his trusted broadsword, Ashok. He scanned the jungle canopy. He had caught a glimpse of the “shadow” creeping behind him along the tree-tops. Sweat trickled down the nape of his neck as his vision narrowed.
The next set of events unfolded in the blink of an eye. The mysterious “shadow” pounced on Alvyn. Caught by surprise, he felt a sharp pain on his torso. It was then that he realized that the “shadow” had plunged a sword-like weapon into his left-rib.
Despite the blinding pain, Alvyn summoned the courage to yank the sword out of his body. He stumbled backwards, and with Herculean effort, swung his broadsword towards the “shadow”.

The “shadow” retreated a little. Panting heavily, Alvyn looked on as the shadowy mass of dark clouds and smoke began to transform into something that looked eerily similar to a human’s body. The “shadow” unfurled its hood, revealing a face that was all too shockingly familiar to Alvyn.
“You!” Alvyn cried. The “shadow” was comprised of none other than Alvyn’s own flesh and blood. It was his evil elder brother, Andrew.

“Yes, my brother… It is I, Andrew!” Andrew exclaimed.
“WHY?!” Alvyn screamed, “Why would you betray me?”
“No more talking, brother! Your very presence irritates me! Let us end this!” Andrew replied. Unsheathing his Shadowsword, Andrew charged and slashed at Alvyn’s breastplate armor, leaving a huge gash across Alvyn’s chest. Alvyn, enraged by his brother’s betrayal, retaliated with his sword, despite the steady stream of his own thick red blood flowing from his ruptured breastplate. Andrew parried the onslaught with ease.

“You’re pathetic, Alvyn! You disappoint me! Let me put an end to this!” And with an almighty yell, Andrew plunged his Shadowsword into the already mortally wounded Alvyn. As the last moments of his life drained away, Alvyn was stricken with grief and anger, accepting the fact that he was defeated and put to rest by his own brother’s dark hand.

After drawing his final breath, Alvyn finally succumbed to his fate. He slumped to the ground, closed his eyes, and died…

Haha! That was dunb, right?
Yeah, I know. the ending sucked bad, but hey, it was merely just for fun!

Well, that's it for now...
Finally, I'd like to wish everyone:
Happy Chinese New Year!
May the Year of the Rabbit bring you great prosperity, happiness, and joy!

May the Force be with you...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Very, very busy

Hey, you guys! It's me again!
I guess my blog still has some life left in it, right? [ smiles ]
Well, Ashman, consider yourself lucky that my blog's not dead yet!
Ha! I'm not that lazy!

However, I have been quite preoccupied lately...
Besides the usual supply of homework and assignments ( presentations, et cetera ), I've got several new burdens to add to my work heap:
1. "Tugasan Harian" essays for Pendidkan Moral. I've got to write 6 of them. So far I've only completed 2...

2. Kerja Kursus Komponen Sastera ( KOMSAS ) Bahasa Melayu. This one's a real pain in the a**! A complete analysis of the novel "Interlok" by Abdullah Hussain, PLUS synopses for each and every prosa tradisional, cerpen, and drama in the KOMSAS textbook! The worst part is that all of this represents 15% of my March Exam BM grades!!!

3. I've recently been elected as:
a) Vice President of the English Language Society ( ELS )
b) Pengerusi of the Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah ( PBSM )

Well, I'm sure you know that I've got a lot of work and responsibility now!
So, I most certainly won't be blogging very often. That's the grim truth...
But I'll still try and update whenever I can, kay?

Well, that's it for now.

May the Force be with you...

Monday, January 3, 2011

First School Day of 2011

Hello again, everyone!
Gosh, my blog has already started to die...
This COULD very well be my last post! Yes, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've actually lost the will to blog!
Uhhh, this is probably because I don't receive a whole lot of feedback nowadays, regardless of what I blog about.
Oh well...

Anyway, today's actually the first day of school.
So, I woke up at 6am this morning to get ready for school.
Ugh, how I hate waking up early in the morning...
Truth be told, I was really envious of my brother ( he's an afternoon session student ) this morning. Why? He was still fast asleep as I was getting ready for school...

During the assembly, various teachers presented their own speeches. Honestly, I was sweating like crazy! I'm not sure anyone actually noticed, though. I just hope they didn't.
Well, I was wearing a blazer! And what do you get when you cross a guy wearing a blazer with typical Malaysian weather ( in this case warm and humid )?
Lots of heat, and therefore, lots of sweat too!

After that, there was a brief Prefect's meeting in the Prefect's Room. Then I headed up to my classroom ( 5 Beta ).
5 Beta's class teacher this year is Pn Thamilselvi, and she teaches English. For me, this was totally unexpected, as I've never had an English teacher become my class teacher before!
So far, for my class, I know that Pn Hamirizan is still the Biology teacher, Pn Rohaida is our new BM teacher, and there's a chance that Pn Goh Ah Choun is going to retain her role as our Modern Mathematics teacher...

Well, Pn Thamil came into class first, and she initiated an "ice-breaking" session, but technically, everyone in 5 Beta already knew each other fairly well. I looked kinda' ridiculous when I stood up to tell everyone my name, location of residence, and all the other piles of gibberish that I usually tend to blabber out during "ice-breaking" sessions.

Uhhh, after that, Pn Hamirizan came in and gave us a little introduction about Form 5 Biology. She also covered a bit about the first chapter of F5 Biology - Transport ( transportation / circulation systems in the human body and plants ).
After that, we went for recess. Well, just the normal students, that is. We Prefects had to carry out our duties.

After that, I played a game of Chess with Ashman. I was actually supposed to play with Hari, but astonishingly, Hari had made a shocking resolution for 2011 - He had declared not to play chess in school! Yikes!
Well, Ashman played White and I played Black. He started the game with the immediate 1. Nf3 ( The Reti Opening ), and I countered with 1. ...d5.
The game continued with me somehow achieving a Caro-Kann pawn structure. Ashman castled Kingside, but I guess he didn't notice, or more likely didn't WANT to notice, that I had a Queen-Bishop battery ( Queen on c7, Bishop on d6 ) and a Knight converging on the h1 square. Only the Ashman's King and Knight were defending h1. He ignored the convergence threat, which struck me as odd. What was his motive at that point? Some sort of Zwischenzug?

Well, I took the pawn on h1, and at the same time, I jeopardised his King's safety on the Kingside. After that, I managed to land my Knight on a nice hole within Ashman's territory. By the end of all the sequences and combinations, I lost my Bishop on h1, but I had 4 passed pawns to my credit ( two on Queenside, two on Kingside ). Plus, he had a deactivated dark-squared Bishop on his backrank and my two rooks were ready to fly into action along the c-file.
But I had to adjourn the game when Pn Rohaida, my BM teacher for the year, came into my class...

During the final period, Pn Thamil came back into the class. We held the elections for the positions of Class Monitor, Assistant Class Monitor, Secretary, Treasurer, and the various AJKs ( Ahli Jawatankuasa ).
Uhhh, the new class monitor is Nafis, his assistant is Sabrina, the secretary is Shereen, the treasurer is Kee King, the AJK Perabot is Alison, the AJK Kebersihan is Tian Hui, the AJK Keceriaan is Fatiha, and the AJK SPBT is Loshvindra.

Well, that's practically it for now, I guess...

Remember, this MIGHT be my very last post on Blogger!
So, don't really expect me to publish any new posts, unless I really want to in future!
This is Andrew, signing off.

May the Force be with you...