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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sunway College AUSMAT 2012 - Graduation Video

Watch on YouTube itself:

Hey guys! How're you all doing? Good? Good.
I'm doing fine here in Leeds, UK. Enjoying my life as a University Student (Freshman). It's Week 8 already, and November's almost coming to a close.
[PS: It snowed for the first time today. Wee! Well, to be specific, it wasn't actually snow. It was more of a snow flurry (light snow that doesn't accumulate). But regardless, it's a pretty sight!]

Anyways, with respect to the title above, today's 21st November 2013, which means it's been exactly ONE WHOLE YEAR since I graduated from the AUSMAT (Australian Matriculation Program) in Sunway College. Looking back, 2012 was indeed a great year, and I had no regrets choosing AUSMAT as my Pre-University program.
I remember shooting, editing, and publishing the graduation video above for the AUSMAT Student Council of 2012. I remember the moment when the video was first shown during AUSMAT Night last year, 21st November 2012. I remember that a lot of effort, collaboration and cooperation were put into the making of this video. I can clearly remember....
As such, it bears special heartfelt significance to me, both as a Video Editor, and as an alumnus of the Sunway Australian Matriculation Program.

I'd just like to say a big "thank you" to the AUSMAT lecturers, who were always so kind and supportive, through thick or thin, rain or shine, day or night, they'd be there to guide us students. Their dedication knows no bounds. Thank you so much.
Also, to my fellow AUSMATians of 2012, thank you for making my year in Sunway such a special one. Friends may come and go, but good memories last forever. I will forever cherish the memorable moments I've had with my Sunway AUSMAT buddies. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories, guys!

Well, as a side note, I had to re-upload my video, Andrew vs Alvyn III - The Final Lightsaber Duel on YouTube, due to unforeseen circumstances that I don't really want to outline here. Yeah, I know, it sucks. One of my best videos, all the hard work and toil, all flushed down the drain. Dammit.
So if you could, please help me by checking out the video on YouTube. Hopefully then AvAIII could regain its lost popularity! =) [fingers crossed]
Here's the YouTube link: Andrew vs Alvyn III - The Final Lightsaber Duel

Thanks guys! I appreciate it! Really.

Well, that's it for this update.
Til' next time!

May the Force be with you....