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Monday, May 3, 2010

No Picture? [ gasp ]

Alright. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm actually typing a post without inserting a picture for the very first time!

All my posts until now have at least one picture in them, until now!
Well, there's gotta be a first for everything!

Anyway, there IS a reason why I'm not inserting a picture in this particular post. It's because I'm NOT really supposed to be using the computer right now... My Mid-Year Examination is in 2 weeks time, and therefore, my mum has forbidden me to even touch the computer.
But she let me use the computer now, most probably because I've been killing myself completing Sejarah notes this afternoon. So, she gave me a bit of time of to rest, and I took the opportunity to update my blog.
So, yeah, I had to type this post in a hurry ( She only gave me roughly around 5-10 minutes )...

So basically, I guess the main reason why I'm here is to announce that my Mid-Year Examination is in 2 weeks time.
And so, I won't be updating my blog until its over...

Wish me luck for my Mid-Year Exams, yeah?

May the Force be with you...