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Friday, December 20, 2013

Life In University

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'Life In University' represents my very first vlog produced in the UK. I know, I mentioned before that I wouldn't really be making anymore videos once I've started studying in University. But the thing is that Semester 1 of my university course (Mechanical Engineering) is over, and it's the Christmas Break now. Thus, I've got a lot of time on my hands, so I thought, "Why not make a video?". I mean, I ENJOY making videos - There's no denying that. So I grabbed the opportunity to produce another vlog entry.
I took roughly 3 days to produce this video: Approximately 1 day for shooting and filming, 2 days for editing and rendering.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy the video. I might make another video soon, but that depends if I have the time. In fact, I've been tasked by Leeds University's Malaysian and Singaporean Society (MASSOC) to create a video showcasing [insert topic here]. Nope, sorry, I'm not gonna spoil it.

Guess that's it for this update.
Oh, and also, I'll be heading to London on December 27th, and I'll be there til' the 2nf of January 2014. It's gonna be fun, and it represents the opportunity for me to grab some more video clips for my "long-term" video project.
Merry Christmas in advance, everyone!

May the Force be with you.