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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Might Be Changing Spectacles!

Alright, I'm here...

Okay, this is the final Chess picture.
I have to admit, I've been blogging quite frequently these past few days.
I really need to control myself!

Anyway, I consider my old computer to be completely useless now. I've been trying to turn it on since yesterday. But it hangs even before the desktop shows up!
I asked my father, and he said to let the computer "rest" for a while.

So I turned off the main power switch and left the computer alone for almost 5 hours. I was confident that it would be able to work by then.

But when I tried to turn it on after 5 hours, the same thing happened! The damn thing just refused to turn on!
Oh well, that computer is unbelievably old anyway...

Last night, I thought I had lost my handphone at the mall.

One moment, I was holding my handphone at IOI Mall in Puchong.
But when I got home, I checked my left pocket, and there was nothing there!

I searched frantically around my house for my handphone, but it was nowhere to be seen!
I couldn't sleep last night because I kept on worrying about my handphone.

Suddenly, I realised that the handphone could be in my father's car, considering the fact that the pockets on my trousers were rather loose. My phone could have slipped out of my pocket when I was in the car.

So, I searched my father's car...
And there it was! My handphone was right there, on the back seat!

I really need to be more careful next time!

Okay, besides that, I MIGHT be changing my spectacles again.
I guess it's because:
1. I use the computer too much.
2. I have the nasty habit of reading books in the dark.

Well, I'm not sure if I'm going to get round-rimmed glasses, like the ones I'm currently having, or those new type of glasses that people like Jas, Ashman and Jannah are wearing...
Hmmm......[ stares into blank wall ]

Okay, that's it....

Comment me, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Chess Picture Left!

Alright, I'm here.

This is the third picture about Chess. That means that I have one last Chess picture available. I really need to just grit my teeth and go find some pictures.
In my opinion, posts without pictures are plain boring. ( No offense! )

Oh, I'm delighted to say that this is my 50th post! Yay!

Remember that simultaneous Chess competition with Collin Madhavan? Well, my father took some pictures on his handphone, too. The weird thing is that I didn't realise he took them!
Here they are...

My brother was unbelievably stressed at this moment.

That's Collin Madhavan, using the King's Pawn opening.

It's still very early, and the tournament is just beginning.

I was very tired at this moment. My mother is sitting next to me.

How could I not realise my father was right there taking this picture?

I already drew with Collin. But my brother insisted that he wanted to play on.

Other than that, I changed my music playlist again!

I added the song "No Boundaries" by Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. They're awesome!
I also added "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback.
Sadly, I had to delete "Crush" by David Archuleta due to unexpected circumstances.

Finally, Ivanka says she might be at the Sunway Convention Centre when I take my placement test on the 6th of June. Apparently, her brother applied for the scholarship as well.

Well, Ivanka, I look forward to seeing you next Saturday!

Okay, I guess that's it.

Comment me, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Completely Unexpected...

Okay, I'm here...

I just got back from school. I went to Giant to have lunch with my mother and brother.
Personally, I don't really like KFC, but since my mother got a discount voucher, I might as well, no?

I was reading something I found in my brother's pocket, when suddenly I heard a familiar voice...

I had a shock when I saw Jas and her brother!
I honestly wasn't expecting them to be there!

Later, my mother told me to take my brother and go wait for her at the MPH bookstore. I quickly finished my Pepsi. I had a horrible brain freeze! How could I be so stupid?!
"Universal rule: Never gulp down a cold drink too quickly! You'll regret it!"

Oh, Jas! Sorry I didn't get to say bye!

Anyway, I actually intended to pass up my Geography folio.
But due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't pass it up to Pn Goh today.

I called Ashman last night and he said that we could pass up the Geography folio after the school holidays. What a relief!

My school celebrated Teacher's Day today. I know it's supposed to be on the 16th of May, but they postponed it because of the mid-term examination. ( Speaking of which, I got an A for Geography! Yay! )

There were many performances. But there were also many boring speeches.
When the whole thing was over, the assembly area was littered with trash! It's gonna take a miracle to clean up that mess!

Oh, other than that, the ELS ( English Language Society ) organised a sale to raise funds. We were selling roses, chocolate, and something that looked like a teddy bear...
The ELS managed to collect roughly around RM400!

Lucky Hazwan! Since he's the ELS treasurer, he gets to count the money!

But when the Teacher's Day celebration ended, there was still a whole bunch of flowers that were left unsold. So they gave the flowers to every ELS member, including me!
Well since I don't really like flowers that much, I kindly offered it to one of my classmates...( What can I say? I'm a good person! )

Finally, I would just like to say,
Happy holidays, everyone!

I know I won't enjoy my holidays as much as you guys because I have to practice for my ASEAN Scholarship placement test.
I also have to practice for my oral presentation on Monday, which is the day just after the school holidays. [ gulps nervously ]

I also might have to go to school during the school holidays to rehearse for both my Pendidikan Sivik and Bahasa Melayu dramas.
Ugh, I need to control myself! Including these two, I've already participated in FIVE different dramas in this year alone!

Okay, I guess that's it...

Comment me, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mid-Year Exams Are Finally Over!

Finally! The mid-year examinations are over!

At last! I get to blog again! Hoorah!

I found a few pictures about Chess. I know it's lame! It's just temporary until I find some real pictures!
Besides, I've only got 4 Chess pictures.

Don't worry! I'll find something. Eventually...

Anyway, last Sunday ( Which was actually during my exam week! ), I went to the Setia Alam welcome centre to participate in a simultaneous chess tournament with an Indian grandmaster named Collin Madhavan.
He has an official FIDE rating of 2200!

Just in case you don't know what's a simultaneous chess tournament, it's a game where a grandmaster is surrounded by players, each with their own chess boards. The grandmaster walks around, faces a player, makes his move, and then moves on to the next player.

The match took such a long time! We started playing at around 2pm. The match finally ended at 6pm!
Luckily, I brought my Sejarah reference book so I could study in between turns, or else I would have been bored to death!

I offered to draw with Collin. He accepted the draw, knowing that the game was going to drag on for a very, very long time.

I managed to snap a few pictures during the tournament. Here they are!

Recognise my notebook?

Oh my gosh! So scary!

I couldn't resist taking this picture! I love Chess!

My game with Collin Madhavan. Would you believe that this is just the 9th position?

The best part is that we get a certificate of participation.
We also get a FREE Chess set, even if we lose! How generous!

Conclusively, I learned one thing:
Never use the Sicilian Opening against a black man! ( Just joking! Just joking! )

Oh yeah, I posted 2 new videos on YouTube.
Here are the links:

No Boundaries - Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

KOTOR 2 Death Of Darth Sion

The first video is about the song "No Boundaries", which was sung by the American Idol finalists Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Kris Allen is the new American Idol, by the way. Yay!

The second video is about a video game that I have on my computer. The game is Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. My character is the one with the blue lightsaber, for your information!

And yet again, I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the videos! I guess I'm just not ready to take my movie editing skills to the next level! Sorry, Essie

Besides that, I've been short-listed for the Secondary Three ASEAN Scholarship for Year 2010! When I received the letter from the Singapore MOE ( Ministry Of Education ), I was both shocked and overjoyed! I couldn't believe my eyes!

But I'm going to have to take a placement test at the Sunway Convention Centre on the 6th of June. The tests that I have to take are Mathematics, English and something called General Ability.

Hopefully, I will pass the tests. And if I do, I'll be headed to Singapore by the end of 2009!
Oh well, I can't be too confident, can I?

Finally, I had my Pendidikan Seni exam today.
To be honest with you, I drew a masterpiece! One of the best drawings I've done so far! It was awesome!
I was somewhat reluctant to pass it up to the teacher!
But the PJK exam was hellish! I won't be surprised if I get a C, or even a D!

Okay, that's it.

Comment me, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

UIA pictures!

Okay, I'm here.

Alright in my last post, I promised to upload the pictures I took on my handphone during my trip to the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa ( UIA ), right?

Please forgive me if the pictures are blurry. They were taken using a handphone camera, for crying out loud!

Okay, here they are!

Ugh, I hate tolls! Who doesn't?

Everyone was still very sleepy! Wake up! You're missing everything!

Me wearing my favourite blue shirt! Awesome!

Aww, he's all alone!

I wonder what they're talking about?

Kamal must have seen a ghost!

Haha! At least you're not afraid of the camera!

I just randomly shot this! ( I bet you can't look at this picture and not laugh! )

I told you the UIA was gigantic!

Hazwan is pondering his next move...

Come on, Haritharan! Don't be a peeping tom!

What's he smiling at?

If you look closely, there are a pair of mysterious hands grasping onto the seat!

We're back home! Amir seems to be very busy indeed!

Well, that's it!

Now, I gotta go and study for my mid-year examination...

Comment me, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Couldn't Resist Blogging!

Okay, I managed to grab the opportunity to blog one last time before my mid-year examination. You know me! I just LOVE blogging!

Oh, by the way, I'm sad to say that this is the last Star Wars picture I'm gonna blog with unless I can find some new ones!

Yeah, I know I said in my previous post that I had two more Star Wars pictures left, but the other one is irrelevant ( because it was too small and blurry! ).
[ cries ]

Anyway, a lot of interesting stuff has happened since the last time I posted on this blog.
I predict this is gonna be a long post, so I suggest you go to the toilet before reading this!

I had my tetanus shot. If you don't know what that is, you're a dimwit! ( No offense! )
To be perfectly honest, I wasn't even afraid of taking the shot.
In fact, I was looking forward to it!

I guess I just wanted to get it over and done with....

Anyway, I went into my school's Medical Room. All the nurses were there.
One of them wanted to check my fingernails for some reason.
Then, I went into the next room, where the injections were going to take place.

I sat down next to the nurse. She actually looked quite scary and intimidating!

I waited for the pain to come searing up my left arm.

But there was nothing...

Before I knew it, the nurse handed me some cotton to cover the part where she injected me.

I was thinking to myself,
"Huh? That's it? I thought the nurse was pinching my arm! I didn't know that was the actual injection!"

Oh well, at least it's over, right?
I was gravely mistaken!

The very next day, my entire body felt limp and weak.
I could barely walk, let alone stand!

It was horrible!And the worst part was that we still had to study! Ugh!

Okay, let's forget all about that whole injection thingy, alright?

Anyway, last Saturday, me, Hazwan, Ashman, Haritharan, Amir, Lee King, Kamal, Nafis, Amira, Theeban, and Yi Ling went for a PMR seminar at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa ( UIA ).

I had to wake up super early, because the bus leaves at 7 pm!
Luckily, I managed to make it to school on time.

We get to ride on a bus! Yay! I obviously chose a seat beside the window. I even managed to take a snapshot of a plaza toll! [ waves handphone ]

When we reached there, we had three seminars. The seminars were for Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah, and Mathematics. They were okay, I guess...

Breakfast and lunch were provided! Yes! At least I don't have to waste money buying food at a foreign canteen!
For breakfast, they provided nasi lemak...
And for lunch, they provided fried rice...

I took lots of pictures during these lunch and breakfast. I'll upload them on my next post. That's a promise!

Anyway, after we finished eating our lunch, Ashman, Hazwan and I went exploring...
We went to the top of one of the towers. It was so high up!
We had a nice view of the university from up there...

Hazwan was even afraid of looking down from the top of the building!

To be frank, the UIA was gigantic! ( I'll upload the picture, don't worry! )

After the whole trip was over, I went to Hazwan's house.
I had no choice because my entire family was in Malacca at the time. So technically, no one was occupying my house, AND I had no transport.

I met his father and sister in the car. His father was quite a jolly fellow, I guess...

I went to his house and stayed there for one night until my parents picked me up the next day.
I had fun playing Risk and Chess with Hazwan and his younger brother, Hadri.
The food there was excellent and Hazwan's family members were very, very friendly to me.
Basically, it was quite an enjoyable stay!

Thanks, Hazwan! I really appreciate your hospitality!

Oh yeah, I got caught by one of the Prefects today.
Apparently, my frontal hair was too long, so they halted me before I went up to class.
They asked me to go to the Main Hall...

I saw the teacher there holding a pair of scissors in his hand!
Oh my gosh! They were going to cut my hair!
When I realised that, I nearly fainted!
Well, at least my friend, Kar Wai, was also going to receive the same treatment.

The worst part was that Haritharan, Jas, Evo, Puteri, and Yi Ling were there, too!
I didn't know where to hide my face...

And the weird thing is, Haritharan was actually happy to see me getting my hair trimmed off! Unbelievable!

Luckily, the teacher only cut off a tiny bit of my hair.
So, it didn't make much difference!

I stayed back in school until around 4 pm.
I stayed back because I had to do my Kemahiran Hidup folio...
Thankfully, I managed to finish it...

Then, Ashman and I played Chess in the canteen.
There was one game that I was clearly winning.
I was up a piece and I had clear control of the board.

I was poised to destroy Ashman's weak king position, but I overlooked something.
I know it's embarrassing, but I accidentally let one of Ashman's rooks slip behind my lines and checkmate me.
I lost to a pathetic backrank mate! I couldn't believe it! [ bangs head on table ]

Oh well, next time, I just have to be more careful, right?

Okay, I guess that's about it.

I'll upload the pictures I took in the UIA in the next post.

Comment me, kay?

May the Force be with you...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ugh! I Hate Exams!

Okay, this is serious, people!

Excluding this picture, I only have TWO more Star Wars pictures left!

I can't breathe! I need air!

Anyway, my mid-year examination is coming soon. So, I won't be blogging until it's over.

I've gotta study hard for the exam, you know?
It's just one of life's principles!

If there's an exam coming, what is the best thing to do, besides sleeping?
The answer? Simple!

Yet somehow, I beg to differ...

The worst thing about examinations is that I don't get to go anywhere near my computer!
Ugh! I can't live without my computer!

Oh well, like I always say, Life Is Hard!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!
I finished my History folio!

At last, I don't have to give a damn about Kota A'Famosa anymore! Yes!

But that reminds me even more of my Geography folio.
I haven't even started yet!
I'm waiting to get back some of the survey forms from Hazwan.

Okay, I'll be patient for now.
If I don't get the forms by Friday, I'm gonna go straight up to Hazwan and DEMAND the forms from him!

Other than that, I don't really have much to talk about.

Oh well, I guess you're gonna have to wait until my mid-term examination is over before I update this blogspot again! ( Around the end of May, I think... )

And don't worry! By that time, I'll have LOADS to blog about!

Well, I gotta go and study now...

Wish me luck, yeah?
Trust me! I'm gonna need it!

May the Force be with you...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Video On YouTube!

Okay, I'm supposed to be doing my History folio right now. But I'm too lazy! [ yawns ]

I think I'll do it in the afternoon...

I still have a shortage of Star Wars pictures.
To be absolutely specific. I only have three, I repeat, THREE, Star Wars pictures left!
Maybe I should listen to Essie's advice and take screenshots from the movie.

But the thing is, all my Star Wars movies are NOT in DVD format.
Therefore, the quality of the movie is unbelievably horrible! It's amazing I still managed to understand the storyline!
Oh well, I guess I have to kiss goodbye to my habit of posting Star Wars pictures!

Oh yeah, I posted another video on YouTube!
Technically, it's just the "This Is Sparta" scene taken from the original "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" English project.

Except I fast forwarded it! It looks absolutely hilarious!
I even added the slow-mo effect! It's so awesome! You gotta go and check it out!
Here's how:
1. Go to YouTube ( duh! )
2. Type "SMKBJ 3 Omega"
3. There will be four videos, click on the one that says "SMKBJ 3 Omega 2009 This Is Sparta!"
4. Enjoy the video!
5. Rate and comment the video!

Or, you could just click on the link below!
This Is Sparta!

As for future videos, I might consider downloading Ulead Video Studio to do my editing, like Essie suggested.

"Windows Movie Maker is rock-bottom basic," she once said to me.

So I guess one of these days, I'll go download it and try it out.
If I have the time, that is!

Other than that, I managed to find some more Ip Man Original Soundtracks. I've saved them on to my thumb drive. They're awesome! ( I know you guys probably don't know and don't care what I'm talking about. I'm just saying! )

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Last night, I watched Mamma Mia The Movie.
It was awesome!

Actually at first, I didn't want to watch it because I thought it was just another boring love movie.

But after I watched it, I realised that the storyline and plot were actually quite intriguing.
The songs weren't bad, I guess...

Would you believe when I say that my new DVD player was more crappy than my father's old DVD player?
I tried to watch The Matrix Revolutions: Hi-Bit DVD version on my new DVD player, and it didn't work! When I inserted the DVD, it just made an unpleasant scraping sound. Then, the TV screen displays the hated words:

The same thing happened when I tried to play several other DVDs.
So I explained the problem to my father.
He decided to replace my new DVD player with his previous DVD player. He already has a good DVD player in his room anyway. It was worth a shot, I guess...

The weird thing is that when I inserted the Matrix Revolutions Hi-Bit DVD into the old player, I was shocked to see the menu popping out on the television screen! Huh? That doesn't make any sense!

How can that ancient-looking DVD player possibly be better than the new DVD player?

Oh well, the important thing is that it works!

Okay, I guess that's it.

Comment me, kay?

May the Force be with you...