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Monday, February 9, 2009


Our English teacher gave my class an assignment last week. We have to produce a ''drama'' based on the Form 3 novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Well, I hastily joined Hazwan's team. Hazwan's the best movie director in 3 Omega I know.
He proved himself last year with Miss Nadia's assignment...

The ''drama'' we made in Form 2 could have been stunning, but poor camera position, horrible editing and sheer timidity prevented our ''drama'' from being a smash hit...

For this ''drama'', I have been annointed the position of editor. I was delighted! At last, a chance to prove myself! FINALLY, I thought, REDEMPTION! This time, I'm gonna make sure my team's ''drama'' makes it to the top!

For your information, my team's name is ''Force 138''!
The name is modified from ''Force 136'', a British Force during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya ( Refer to Form 3 Sejarah textbook! )

Pathetic, no? Just add a 2 and et voila! You'll get ''Force 138''!

Here are all the people that are going to PRODUCE the movie. I'm not saying anything about the actors!

1. Hazwan Lee - He's the director.
2. Ng Zi Kent - He's our camera man.
3. Myself - I'm the editor, and hopefully the choreographer as well.
4. Alvyn Ho - He's the assistant editor and film critic. Don't worry, he's only 11 years old...

My team has been assigned to play out Chapters 9 and 10. These two chapters turn out to be the climax of the story...My work just got a whole lot easier!

Hopefully, this ''drama'' will be much better than our previous attempt last year. I've already completed the introduction and opening title. We're gonna start filming next Thursday. I guess it's safe to say that we're WAY ahead of schedule...

Well, other than that, there's nothing much I want to say.
I guess that's it...

Keep me posted, kay?

May the Force be with you...

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