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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Hectic Week...

Woah, I haven't been blogging for almost a week already!
My blog seriously needs an update!
I guess I haven't been blogging this past week because I was rather busy...

Let me recall everything I had to go through this week...
Ummm, I had my very first Additional Mathematics test yesterday.
It was kind of easy, actually...

The first question involved simultaneous equations.
According to teacher, it is supposedly the "hardest" question in the test.
And she was right, I guess. I made a slight mistake - I factorised the quadratic equation instead of using the quadratic formula.
When I realised my mistake, I was seriously panicking because I had only around 30 seconds left to erase and correct my mistake ( the test was only half an hour long )!
Fortunately, I managed to correct the mistake just in the nick of time!

The other questions were rather easy, in my opinion.
I managed to finish all of them in less than half of the allocated time!
Well, at least it's over...

Anyway, Sehran, Ashman and I plan to do a drama about friendship ( and indirectly, unity ) when it is our turn to present at the "Laman Atmar" ( For those of you who don't know, the "Laman Atmar" is a small area adjacent to my school canteen. It's kind of like a mini-park cum stage )...
Just yesterday, we did a rehearsal at the Guthrie Hall after school until around 3 in the afternoon.

While we were rehearsing, Zi Kent came along and took a video of us playing out the drama!
Ugh! I sure hope he deleted that video he took!
I wouldn't want him to go and show the video to everyone!
It would ruin the surprise! [ smiles ]

Besides that, I have to do a drama for Bahasa Melayu as well!
My team ( which consists of 15 people: Me, Sehran, Hazwan, Jannah, Evo, Syazween, Diyanti, Nani, Iman, Arif, Aleef, Iqbal, Jia Huey, Tian Hui and Alison ) is tasked by Pn Salahsiah to play out the drama "Gelanggang Tuk Wali", which is a drama about Silat...

It's due next Wednesday, which in my opinion is too soon!
My team is going to do a rehearsal next Monday. We can't do it on Tuesday because most of my team members will be at Taekwando practice...

Now, you may think that training for two dramas in two completely different languages is too much for a guy like me to handle.
But guess what?
I somehow managed to get myself involved in public speaking too!
I went to participate in the public speaking competition organised by Sunway University College after Pn Marina announced it during the school assembly this morning.
But I think what encouraged me to join in the first place is the fact that Hazwan, Jas, and possibly Evo are going to participate as well. And the prize money amount is staggering - RM8000 for the first prize winner! Even just the consolation prize is RM2000!

I have to prepare and memorise a 3 minute speech about any topic I fancy.
I'll have to stay back at school next Monday to present the speech.
Only the 2 best public speakers will be chosen to represent the school in the real competition.

Since we get to choose any topic we want, I think I should talk about something I am most familiar with, namely Chess!
More like the "History of Chess", that is!
I've become quite familiar with the history of the game of Chess ever since I had to do that speech for the evaluator back when I was in Form 3...

Oh well, I'll just give it my best shot and hope for the best!
It doesn't really matter if I don't get selected to represent the school. I would have at least tried my best, and that's good enough...

So let me see, what's my work list for the weekend?
1. Practice for the Bahasa Melayu "Gelanggang Tuk Wali" drama.
2. Prepare and memorise a 3 minute speech for public speaking ( most probably about the "History of Chess" ).
3. Complete any unfinished homework.
4. Go and play badminton at the Guthrie Hall with Ashman, Hazwan, Hari, Sehran and a few others on Saturday morning.
5. Watch "Star Wars Tech" on Friday and "Star Wars - The Legacy Revealed" on Saturday on the History Channel! ( Top priority!!! )

Well, it seems I'm gonna have one helluva' busy and hectic weekend!

May the Force be with you...

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