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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Okay, I just came back from school...

Today, all Form 4 and 5 students had to participate in a "Sukantara", which consists of 3 events - a 100m sprint, high jump and shot putt.
I managed to pass the 100m sprint and the shot putt, but I failed to get pass the high jump...

Anyway, after the "Sukantara" was over, we headed back to class.

During English, Jannah actually wanted me to "teach" her the basics and principles of lightsaber combat!
Apparently, she wants to be in my next Adobe After Effects lightsaber project!
Unbelieveable, right?

So, I taught her the fundamentals of each lightsaber style:
1. Shi-Cho = Simple and basic movements.
2. Makashi = Elegant, accurate and precise movements.
3. Soresu = Resilient, solid and defensive movements.
4. Ataru = Wide, aggressive, acrobatic-assisted movements.
5. Shien / Djem So = Parrying, counter-attacking movements.
6. Niman = Moderate, medium-type movements.
7. Juyo / Vaapad = Strong, ferocious movements.

I'm not sure if she actually understood what I said!
All she knows how to do now is brandish and swing the sword around like a barbarian!
But it's perfectly understandable, I guess. She's just a "padawan", after all!
Well, if I do make another lightsaber video in the future, I'll be sure to include her in it, because she badly wants to be in it! [ smiles ]

After school finished, I had to go for the PBSM marching squad practice.
I quickly rushed to the assembly site. All the other members of the marching squad were there already.

So, we practiced marching. Apparently, today's the only day that we'll get to practice.
There's too much stuff going on on Wednesday and Thursday, and there's a full rehearsal for Sports Day on Friday.
We only got to practice for around one and a half hour, and that's it!
But I think we did pretty well, and hopefully the squad will be able to perform admirably during the rehearsal and on the actual Sport's Day, which is on Saturday.

Well, that's it for now.
I'm gonna type another post immediately after this one - I want to blog about something else and I don't wanna cram it into this post.

May the Force be with you...

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