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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Lightsaber Video!

Okay, remember the lightsaber video Sehran, Hazwan, Jannah and I took?
Well, I've finished rotoscoping the video!
Plus, I'm done with the post-production processes of the video as well!

And guess what?
I only took around 4 days to complete it!
The video is around 2 minutes long, about 30 seconds longer than "Andrew vs Alvyn".

However, I must admit that the video quality isn't very good.
At most times, the video is smothered with pixels, and the camera is shaking around quite a lot...
Don't worry, I compensated those flaws with improved lightsaber graphics and sound effects.

Anyway, you all know that videos usually take a very, very long time to upload here, right?
So until the video is finished uploading, I'll let you guys take a sneak peek of the video.
Here are a few snapshots:
Well, I need to compress the video before I can upload it here.
Hopefully this process won't take too long...

Standby for the video guys!
I'm gonna upload it in my next post...

May the Force be with you...

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